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How to fuel and monetize your funnel through newsletters, plus combining cost per lead and cost per action...

Hi there 👋,

I really see newsletters + affiliate + funnels coming together more and more now.

Case in point this tweet from Brennan Dunn a couple of days ago:

Brennan is using the Sparkloop Partner Program to drive leads through his Create & Sell optin, where he pays $3 per subscriber.

But he has also connected his affiliate account so that partners that drive subscribers who then purchase one of his courses receive 20%.

It’s truly impressive:

And led me to this…

My Newsletter Funnel

I’ve just launched my own funnel which looks like this:

And based on a test ad I ran in the eBiz Facts newsletter this week, it looks to be highly profitable.

It all starts with sending traffic from the newsletter advertising marketplace Swapstack:

I’ve started out paying $3 per subscriber to publishers, for referals who go through my digitalasset.gg optin (created on ConvertKit).

After people subscribe, they get hit with the Sparkloop Upscribe widget where I get paid $2-$3 for every subscriber that signs up to someone else’s newsletter:

And this is converting well, earning me almost the $3 I’m paying to acquire a subscriber!

It’s interesting to see that most people are choosing all 5 of my recommendations - I wonder if showing up to 10 (like Substack enables) would increase revenue:

New subscribers then reach my thank you page at acquire.gg/thanks which has my The Newsletter Is The Business product on it that people can buy.

I need to find a better solution to tie this all together, but couldn’t embed the gumroad product on the Convertkit thank you page. I’m probably going to fire up a new Clickfunnels account (something I haven’t used since 2018 when sold funnelengine.com).

Subscribers then go into my 5+ day email welcome sequence in Convertkit, where I bring people through my journey into the world of digital assets, and am able to natively promote my own product as well as others.

I manually upload subscribers into my Digital Asset Investing newsletter on Beehiiv; as well as my niche publications on Substack based on the checkbox options on the optin form, i.e. Acquire Websites, Dropping Domains, this newsletter and Nifty Stack for NFTs.

And my newsletters are of course monetized through sponsorship, affiliate links, own products and even a high-end subscription on Acquire Websites.

My aim is to pay more per subscriber than anyone else on Swapstack!

I will be sharing full details of how to set this funnel up, and how it’s performing in my TNITB product that I’m launching later this month at $247. It’s available now at the prelaunch price of $97, sales are going well:

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